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Whoever said money can't buy happiness, never paid an adoption fee!
AJ's Search and Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue based in Akron, Ohio founded in 2016. We rescue animals and search to find them a forever home.  We are a foster based organization that takes homeless dogs and cats into our homes and provide them with proper medical care, food, shelter and love until they find their forever home and get adopted. 
Our Mission
To Save Lives, One Paw at a Time! We provide temporary shelter to stray, abandoned, and surrendered animals for the purpose of finding them their forever homes.
We strive in getting the homeless animal population to decrease by spaying and neutering all of our animals before they continue their journey into their new home. 
Dog of the month


Meet Nito! We have no background on this sweet guy. We are guessing him about 4 yrs old and unknown mixed breed. He weighs 62 pounds. We had another rescue reach out to us about him as he was turned into them as a stray. We do not have an open foster home at this time, so is being boarded while we wait for a foster to open up. He is definitely more cautious with men, and will take a minute to warm up *yummy cookies are a great tool. He is doing great with the male kennel worker. He keeps his run clean and waits to go outside to go potty. We have not seen him around cats or kids. Nito does ride nicely in the car, has met other dogs and done well, and has basic manners and command under his belt. He is ready for his forever home.

Cat of the month

Meet KAHLUA now known as Katya. She is 4 yrs old. Would do best as an only cat.  She is litter box trained. She has not been around dogs or kids.  We suggest a home with no dogs and kids over 12 yrs old. Katya loves wand toys and anything with feathers. Most of all she loves getting attention from her person! She will repay you with endless purrs. Katya will follow you around and take any chance to sit on your lap and be pet.    She is SO ready for her forever home.

Upcoming Events​​


  • Facebook Online Auction - Dec 9th through Dec 12th.


 I want to thank you for letting Dovi (Dough-Vee) join our family. She is a perfect fit. Her sister Emma loves playing with her and the cats are adjusting. She is having a blast running in the back yard and keeping all squirrels at bay. She has been deemed the Queen of the Zoomies. She is also keeping me fit as we are walking every day and she is so well behaved on our walks. Thanks a million!!! We adore her!!!



144 Adoptions in 2021

1,427 Adoptions in 2016-2020