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Offered Programs

Not only does AJ's Search & Rescue offer adoptable animals but we also offer a few programs.

It is our goal to help with keeping control of the dog and cat population. We offer 1 free spay/neuter each month to a random person for their cat or dog. 

How you apply: Send an email to with the subject of Nip &Snip by the 10th of month. Please include your information our pets information (breed, weight, gender) and why you feel you should receive the free service. We will contact the person who will be receiving the services by the 15th to set up the appointment. The winner of these service each month will be responsible to get their animal to Alter Clinic or Humble Vet in Canton, OH for this appointment.

AJ's Nip & Snip Program!
AJ's K9 Manners & More Training Program!

Another one of our goals is to have well mannered dogs in society.  


Did you get your dog from a rescue or shelter?  Does your dog jump on every person they meet?  Does your dog walk you?  Does your dog come when you call?  Have you been thinking about taking a training class?  You are in luck! 


AJ’s is happy to introduce our "K9 Manners & More" Training Program.  We have partnered up with Papp’s Dog Services in Akron for their Beginner’s Class.  One lucky winner will get to take their dog to an 8 week training class for only $70 (a $170 value).  This program is designed to assist a dog that is in need of basic manner’s training. Aggressive dogs will not be able to attend this type of program, as the class is a group setting and we need to make sure all of Papps clients & animals are safe as well as the dog we will be sponsoring for the training. K9 Manners & More is one night a week for 8 weeks.  You must be serious about training your dog and willing to make the 8 week commitment.


How to apply:  Please send an email to with the subject of K9 Manners along with the following information:

Your name, your dog’s name, how you got your dog, your dog’s breed and age.  We want to make sure this is a good fit for you, so, let us know of any behavioral issues you are currently having and why you feel you are a good candidate for the program.  We will contact the winner two weeks prior to the class start date.


(Next entry dates are May 15, through June 15th, the training session will start week of July 3rd and goes for 8 weeks.)

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